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Work with YXE to enable your business growth, we have developed unrivalled railway operation expertise, and we provide a range of services to connect you to key markets with greater speed, efficiency and reliability. And, with an intermodal network that connects seamlessly with our trains, we can pick up your goods from your production site and deliver them safely to their final destination – wherever that happens to be.

We ship your Dream

Whoever you are and whatever you do, there is always a dream no matter whether you realize, so do we. We are certainly the company get your cargo move and we understand the trading consignment is actually going with your ambition of achievement. We had and will never take the transportation as that simple but believe it is the corridor to all of our future. YXE take care of your cargo regardless you are the veteran or apprentice, let us work together to get the target.

Innovate your trade

YXE lives on innovation, we are always chasing the unexpected growth engine to tailor-made your supply chain solutions. Keep the closer nexus with you to collaborate and leverage all your business needs, aim to be your key pillar of your trading methodology upgrade.

Quality oriented

We are not going everywhere but where the quality be. The specialty of rail container transportation determines the best cost and transit time leverage demand thus we clearly understand the client segmentation, conducting the growth strategy on quality customer with our proven quality service capabilities